If you're wondering what we're up to during the coronavirus outbreak, I have good news for you! This post will quickly go over what has changed. Hint: not much at all.


Our hours remain unchanged. We're still open 7am to 4pm Pacific time Monday through Friday. Our staff is available to provide tech support, talk over designs, and assist with orders and returns. You can call us at 844-420-4100 or email us at [email protected]

Shipping and Services

We have reduced the number of staff in the office to keep everyone safe, but all our services are still available. We are still doing designs, taking orders over the phone and through the website, and shipping without any special delays. Communications may be slightly delayed due to most of the staff working from home, but we are still very much functional.

The only service that is currently experiencing delays is pre-fabrication. If you are interested in pre-fabrication and want to know more about potential delays please call us for more information.

Package Safety

You may be wondering how safe it is to handle product that has been shipped to you. The WHO reports that the likelihood of getting infected from a package that has been shipped from one place to another is low. If you're worried, you can either disinfect the received product or just let it sit for a few days until the virus has died off. All of our products (aside from controllers/timers) are 100% water safe, so feel free to hose them down or soak them in disinfectant. Anything that won't melt the plastic won't hurt your irrigation products.

This is a weird, crazy time for everyone, but we're doing our best to keep operating while maintaining the safety of our staff. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions whatsoever.

Stay Safe!

Cannabis Irrigation Supply