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To get the best results out of your grow, all the components need to work together. Like lights and HVAC, your irrigation system needs to be designed specifically for your needs.

Irrigation isn't just tubing and drippers.

Nutrients, water, filtration/purification, soil monitoring, and automation are all intertwined with your irrigation system.

If this sounds daunting, don't worry! Our expertise is in designing and integrating all of these components to ensure your plants get the water and nutrients they need, in the quantities they want, when they want them.

With our seamless design service at your disposal you'll never lose sleep over your irrigation system again.

Our design service is free, so call us today at 844-420-4100 and let's talk about your grow!

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"We cant be happier with the drip system we recieved from CIS! It has turned a 4 hour job into 20 minutes."

Charles Johnson, COO of Truly Oreganic. Oregon.


Why does our Drip Manifold beat the others?

1) 12 Outlets

That's 4 outlets more than the nearest competitor.
More outlets = LESS manifolds = LESS money!

2) Cost

Without drippers they are less than $5.00 each!
With PC drippers they are less than $7.00 each!

3) Multiple Flow Rates

Choose .5gph, 1gph, 2.2 gph, 3.3gph or free flow.
This is from each outlet and are pressure compensating from 10 to 60 PSI. No bleed over from one outlet to the next.

4) Any length of tubing from any outlet

Cut only the length you need! No need to have all the tubes the same length, cut what length you need.

5) True Pressure Compensating

High quality agricultural grade Pressure Compensating drippers work from 10 to 60 PSI. Drippers have been proven in AG use for over 30 years

6) 1/8" or 1/4" microtube on any outlet

Manifold can use 1/8" as is or 1/4" with a simple barbed adapter.


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For more information about any of our Cannabis Irrigation Systems or Marijuana Drip Systems, contact us today at 844-420-4100. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you might have about home or commercial cannabis irrigation systems.