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Goof Plugs

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    Goof Plugs / 1/4" Microtube Ends, Strip of 10 plugs

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    Goof Plugs,  come as a strip of 10 plugs. You order 1 and you receive 10 individual plugs! What a deal!

    1) For plugging holes in 1/2" or larger tubing made by a punch.
    2) For closing off the ends of 1/4" dripperline

    If you punch a hole in 1/2" or larger poly tube and need to plug it up this is how you do it. A very simple method and it actually works great. The plug has two sides. The smaller is for holes made for 1/4" barbs or drippers. The larger is for special use punches that make larger diameter holes.


    If the smaller end does not seal up a regular size hole then grab the small side with a pair of pliers and force the larger end into the hole with a rocking motion.

1 Item(s)