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  • A049

    Professional Gun Punch Replacement Tip 2 mm, Red

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    The interchangeable 2 mm heat-treated steel pin is used as a replacement tip for the professional gun punch. Suggested uses: Use the 2 mm pin for barbed connectors model SF009.

  • A042

    Teflon Tape / 1/2" x 520"

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    When installing an irrigation system using PVC threaded fittings you should use two or three wraps of this teflon tape on the male ends. Not only does it help seal against any water leaks it allows for a smooth threading together of parts. Even better it lets you UNscrew parts if needed, now and in the future! If you think we are kidding try for yourself and test with and without................told you! :-)

  • R850

    1/2" and 3/4" Pipe Nipple Extraction Tool

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    1/2" and 3/4" Pipe Nipple Extraction Tool

    If you have risers coming out of PVC then you either know this tool and will never be without it or you dream about something that does what this tool does. Really!

  • A156

    Tubing Cutter & Punch

    Regular Price: $10.50

    Special Price $8.00

    So why have two different tools for two simple jobs? Well we offer the solution with one tool for two jobs.

    Simple, Compact, safe and inexpensive! You did notice we used inexpensive not cheap!
    This is a quality tool with nice thick plastic so it will not get brittle and crack apart after one season of use. Also the bright red color will help you find it after you lay it down somewhere.

    This tool is great! When not in use it springs closed automatically so it is safe to keep in your pocket and when you go to pull it out any sharp edges are covered. Perfectly safe! The cutter and punch are separated so no cutting when trying to punch a hole. Give it a try and review it so everyone will know if it's worth it.

  • A050

    A035 Replacement Tip 4mm, Green

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    A035 Replacement Tip 4mm, Green for Katif Drippers

    This tip is used with out gun punch model A035 and is the correct size for the "Katif" style drippers listed in the "Related Products" section below left.

  • A041

    A035 Replacement Tip 3mm, Blue

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    A035 Replacement Tip 3mm, Blue

    This is the original replacement tip for the A035 gun punch.

  • A019

    Palm Hole Punch For 1/4" Barbs

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    Palm Hole Punch For 1/4" Barbs

    Use this punch to make holes for anything with a 1/4" barb.

    If you are doing a large amount of holes then consider the A035 Pro Punch Gun. The A035 even has a replacable tip. If your tip does become dull or dirty use a small piece of 220 grit or finer sandpaper and hold it around the tip while twisting the punch. That normally sharpens it up and will increase the life of the metal tip.

  • A040

    Palm Punch for 1/8" Micro Tubing or Barb

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    Palm Punch for 1/8" Micro Tubing or barb

  • A039

    4 mm (.125") Palm Punch for Spot Spitters

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    The Spot Spitter palm punch is constructed of heavy duty plastic and fits comfortably in your hand when punching precise holes in any size drip tubing. Used for installing 1/8" "spot-spitter" polytubing (T301) directly with no barb, this tool can also be used when installing Katif drip emitters models D043 - D044 - D045


  • A036

    Punch With 8mm Pin For Use With LF318 & LF319

    Regular Price:


    Punch with 8 hole mm pin for use with LF318 & LF319

    If we find another use for this size punch we will list it here and on the other products page.

  • A035

    Professional Gun Punch for 1/4" Barbed Fittings

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    Professional Gun Punch for 1/2" and 3/4" Poly tube

    Punching holes in 1/2" and 3/4" tubing has never been easier than this. If you have lots of holes just get this and thank us by sending Apple pie!

    Even better is we carry replacement tips and tips in different sizes for other products which call for larger holes.

  • A034

    Professional 1/4" Barb Insert Gun

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    Professional Barb Insert Clip Gun

    Works with our SF001 1/4" barb listed below left in the "Related Products" section.
    THIS IS IT!!! If you need to insert 1/4" barbs into 1/4" microtube BUY THIS!! We played around with this thing and everybody just wanted to keep inserting barbs into tubing. None of us will ever again try to push barbs into microtube by hand! The caveman days are over!

12 Item(s)