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  • D101-2

    2-Way Manifold for D101 Dripper

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    This is a small 2 way manifold or splitter which goes on the outlet side of the Netafim D101 dripper.

    You attach 1/8" microtube to each outlet on this splitter.

  • D160

    6 GPH Six Outlet Drip Manifold with 1/2" FNPT & 1/4" Barbed Elbows

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    This Six Outlet PC Drip Manifold with ¼ inch barbed elbow outlets is a high flow pressure compensating emission device with each outlet discharging a flow rate of 5.5 GPH (color brown/black) at a pressure range of 15 to 50 PSI. The Six Outlet PC Drip Manifold designed to convert a ½ inch sprinkler riser into a drip irrigation system, applying less water than the conventional sprinkler head replaced.
  • D042

    6-Outlet Adjustable Drip Manifold with 1/2" FNPT

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    The 6-outlet adjustable drip manifold is a high flow, six outlets emission device with each outlet having adjustable flow between 0-20 GPH. It is available with barbed outlets that swivel so the flow dial tucks under the head after installation. Use this device with 1/4" micro tubing, 1/4" soaker hose or 1/4" drip line.

3 Item(s)