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1/4" Barb x Thread Connector

CIS ModelSF010

1/4" Barb x Thread Connector. Works with any tubing Poly or Vinyl with and ID from .140" to .170" (Any of our 1/4" tubing!)

If you use the semi rigid risers for microsprinklers and buy the ones with no barb on one end then you need these. Without a machine like ones used at the manufacturer you will NOT get a normal 1/4" barb into the thick walled risers. (Trust us we have tried, some more than once!)

With this fitting you take the threaded end and screw it into the riser and then use the barb to go onto regular 1/4" microtube or into 1/2" poly tube.

TIP: Don't over tighten the threaded end and strip the threads it makes in the tubing, it will loose much of its grip!