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Spot-Spitter PC Assembly, Low Flow, 36" tube / Bundle of 100 pieces

CIS ModelD350
  • Buy 10 for $46.00 each and save 19.3%

Primerus PC Assembly, low flow, 36" tube /100 Piece bundle

For use with any Spot-Spitter models (Standard, Short, Tall and Downspray) of the following colors:

  • Light Green = 6.6 GPH
  • Orange = 4.2 GPH
  • Brown = 6.6 GPH

Each Assembly includes a “Compensating, No-Leak” (CNL) barbed flow regulator on one end which plugs directly into your supply lateral, and a 3 or 4 foot length of spaghetti tubing which connects to a Spot-Spitter on the other end. Compensating means that each Spitter outputs the same flow rate at any line pressure between 20 and 60 psi. No Leak means flow shuts off whenever pressure is below 2 psi, so all Spitters on each zone turn on and off simultaneously when you irrigate.