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Hemp Cultivation

Hemp cultivation, whether for hemp fiber or CBD, often requires different solutions than cannabis cultivation. CIS is prepared to outfit your hemp cultivation facility with the best products on the market whether you’re growing in a greenhouse, in a field, or in a plot in your backyard.

Hemp is most often grown as a row crop in large fields, and nothing waters row crops as efficiently as drip tape. With access to dozens of different types of drip tape, we are confident that we can supply you with the right tape for the job no matter the spacing, size, flow rate, or tape thickness.

Many cultivators opt for growing hemp in large pots or in raised beds within a greenhouse, and CIS has a solution for that too! Whether you want sprayers, drippers, or coils of dripline, we have the right product for you.

Beyond simply selling the product, we also offer a free design service to hemp cultivators. Our designers are happy to help you size storage tanks, pipes, and pumps, calculate flow rates and pressure loss, assist you with zoning and automation, and much more. Not only will they do that for you, but they’ll do it for free! No matter how large or small your field, CIS is here to help. Email us here or call 844-420-4100

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