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50' - 1/4 Inch Black Vinyl Micro Tubing .156 ID X .245 OD

CIS Model :T009

50' - 1/4 Inch Black Vinyl Micro Tubing .156 I.D. X .245 OD

This 1/4" micro tube is made of a Vinyl material and is easy to work with. We like using this for the ease of installing and how the material conforms to new shapes as you install it. Warm it a little in the sun and it's even easier to work with.

Any of our 1/4" fittings will work with this tubing as will any stakes listed as 1/4". Drippers with barbs will fit right into the end of this tubing and microsprinklers with a 10/32 thread work also.

If you are installing more than a handful of 1/4" fittings we suggest getting our 1/4" barb insert tool model A034