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1" MPT Plastic Disc Filter with 150 Mesh, Black / F176

CIS ModelF176

These 1" "Y" Style filters have a Disc element inside to filter the water. A disc element is made of many thin round discs which have grooves on them. Once stacked together they provide a much larger filtration area than a screen does.

TIP: Be extra careful when installing a Disc or Screen filter. Each installs opposite for water flow. There are markings molded into the filter body showing the direction of water flow for each element type.

The Disc element goes with the solid end down toward the flush cap.

Filtration recommendations

  • Well or potable water: 150 to 155 mesh screen or disc filter on the main line.
  • Water with sand: disc filter on the main line positioned after a back-flow device
  • Reclaimed water: disc filter followed by screen filter with 155 mesh