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We offer a wide range of 1/4" fittings and they all will work with any of our 1/4" tubing. Use our 1/4" punches  to make holes in 1/2" and larger tubing for these fittings.

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  • SF012

    1/4" Clip-On Elbow With Nail

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    Make 90 degree turns in 1/4" tubing without cutting the tube or having to insert barbs! This handy Clip-On elbow makes the 90 degree turn without crimping the tube. It also allows you to nail the elbow where you want it or just leave it loose. The Clip-On Elbow will hold the tubing if it is nailed to an object or not!

    Got patio plants in pots.....this is what you need.

    As an added bonus it INCLUDES the NAIL with each one! So if you want to nail or not what you get from us is ready to go.

  • A018

    1/4" barbed inline valve

    Regular Price:


    1/4" barbed inline valve

    Can be used in any of our 1/4" micro tube.

    • Use it to shut off sections of micro tube going to potted plants that may need to be moved or on individual plants.
    • Use it to control sections of 1/4" dripperline or dripperline for each container.
    • Use it to adjust microsprinklers so they give the exact spray needed for each plant.

  • A001

    1/4" Microtube to 3/4" Female Hose Thread Adaptor

    Regular Price:


    Convert from any 3/4" MHT (Male Hose Thread) fitting to 1/4" Microtube.

    Use for small systems on patios, window boxes or kitchen garden windows. Using a pressure regulator then this A001 fitting you simply push in the 1/4" microtube and run your lines.

    Combine the solid 1/4" microtube with our 1/4" dripperline placed as a circle in each pot (As shown in pictures to left) and you have a clean looking and pricise watering system.

  • SF007

    Goof Plugs / 1/4" Microtube Ends, Strip of 10 plugs

    Regular Price:


    Goof Plugs,  come as a strip of 10 plugs. You order 1 and you receive 10 individual plugs! What a deal!

    1) For plugging holes in 1/2" or larger tubing made by a punch.
    2) For closing off the ends of 1/4" dripperline

    If you punch a hole in 1/2" or larger poly tube and need to plug it up this is how you do it. A very simple method and it actually works great. The plug has two sides. The smaller is for holes made for 1/4" barbs or drippers. The larger is for special use punches that make larger diameter holes.


    If the smaller end does not seal up a regular size hole then grab the small side with a pair of pliers and force the larger end into the hole with a rocking motion.

  • A551-05

    Self piercing & Locking 1/4" Insert Connector with barb - pack of 5

    Regular Price:

    $2.25 As low as: $2.18

    Self piercing 1/4 in. Insert Connector for 1/2" poly drip tubing - pack of 5

    No need for a punch tool here! If you have issues with barbs getting knocked off by people or maybe a little high pressure because you run very long lines then this is perfect for you. The locking band encircles the tubing and holds the barb in the tubing tight.

    Comes as a pack of 5

  • SF006

    Black 1/4 Inch Converter Barb Elbow

    Regular Price:


    Black 1/4 Inch Converter Barb Elbow used on 4 or 12 outlet manifolds.

    Our 12 outlet manifold connects to 1/8" tubing without any extra fittings but this limits what you can do with it. With this barb you can convert to 1/4" microtube coming out of it.

    If you are doing more than a few of these check out our A034 tool. This inserts the microtube over the barbed end.....HANDY and the fingers will rejoice!!

  • SF011-05

    1/4" Barbed x 1/8" Barbed Connector / Strip of 5 pieces

    Regular Price:

    $0.56 As low as: $0.53

    1/4" Barbed x 1/8" Barbed Connector / Sold as a strip of 5 pieces

    Use these to attach 1/8" microtube to a 1/2" or larger poly tube main line. Use the normal punch for 1/4" fittings and use the larger 1/4" side of the barb to go into the main line, then the smaller side to connect to the 1/8" microtube.

  • SF010

    1/4" Barb x Thread Connector

    Regular Price:


    1/4" Barb x Thread Connector for .156 ID X .245 OD microtube

    If you use the semi rigid risers for microsprinklers and buy the ones with no barb on one end then you need these. Without a machine like ones used at the manufacturer you will NOT get a normal 1/4" barb into the thick walled risers. (Trust us we have tried, some more than once!)

    With this fitting you take the threaded end and screw it into the riser and then use the barb to go onto regular 1/4" microtube or into 1/2" poly tube.

    TIP: Don't over tighten the threaded end and strip the threads it makes in the tubing, it will loose much of its grip!

  • SF008

    1/4" Barbed Cross

    Regular Price:


    1/4" Barbed Cross for 1/4" Microtube

    A handy item to have when doing 1/4" tube with potted plants. It can turn a single tube coming into a potted plant into 3 tubes and each one can have a dripper on the end. An easy way to distribute water around inside a larger pot.

    If you have a bunch of these to install 1/4" microtube on get our A034 tool for installing barbs into microtube. You can install tube on TWO (2) sides of this. Sorry but the others just will not work.

  • SF004

    1/4" Barbed Elbow

    Regular Price:


    1/4" Barbed Elbow for any 1/4" microtube.

    Works on any microtube with an ID of .140 to .170

    For making sharp turns with 1/4" microtube. This really helps when you lay out tubing for potted plants.

    If you have a handful of these to install take a look at the A034 tool that installs microtube over BOTH ends of the barb. Your fingers will thank you!

    Look at the SF012 on the "Related Products" below for a fantastic alternative to this elbow!

  • SF003

    1/4" Barbed Tee

    Regular Price:


    1/4" Barbed Tee for .156 ID X .245 OD Microtube

    For connecting to any 1/4" tube or 1/4" tube to 1/2" tube.

    We have a tool (A034) that will connect TWO ends of this barb over microtube. We feel it is worth it and after you install a few of these you will understand.

  • SF001

    1/4" Barbed Connector

    Regular Price:


    1/4" Barbed Connector for .156 ID X .245 OD microtube

    This barb can be used to connect 1/4" microtube or 1/4" dripperline to a 1/2" or larger poly tube main line. Also for splicing any 1/4" tube together.

    If you have more that 5 or 6 of these to place into the 1/4" tube then take our advice and check out the A034. This is a gun style tool that inserts the barb into 1/4" microtube......WOW! It blew us away the first time we used it. You and your fingers will thank us!

    Check the "Related Products" section below.

12 Item(s)