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Everything you need to connect to a water source should be in this section.

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  • PR010

    Pressure and Flow Test Manifold for 3/4" Line

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    This unit will allow you to test for both the pressure and flow of your water supply.

    Checking the flow of any irrigation system is critical knowledge. With this information you may plan a system that will work correctly. A must for planning any gravity feed system!!

    This manifold is made to connect to any garden hose or hose faucet. It will also work for any 3/4" PVC size irrigation pipe with the correct adapters.

    Best yet all the components can be taken apart and used elsewhere in your drip system. The ball valve has fittings glued to both ends which are female hose threads. These are common connections in a drip system.

    Read the instructions below on how this works.

  • A150

    3/4" Brass 4 Outlet Valve Manifold

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    The 3/4" female hose swivel thread inlet four ports brass valve manifold with four 3/4" male hose thread outlets is used for connection to a garden hose and a drip system from the same faucet or spigot outlet.

    TIP: We strongly suggest to have this lay on the ground by connecting it to a hose faucet with a short piece of garden hose. If you try to hang it from a hose faucet the weight may break the hose faucet.

  • A070

    3/4" FHT Swivel Plastic Hose "Y" Ball Valves

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    The A070 3/4" swivel plastic hose end "Y" shut-off valve ball valve control two outlets from a 3/4" faucet or garden hose. Connect the 3/4" FHT "Y" ball valves to the end of a standard 3/4" faucet or to the end of a garden hose. Use with your drip system or as an extra outlet on your faucet.

3 Item(s)