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System Design

Every aspect of cannabis cultivation is complex, and irrigation is no different. Drip systems have a lot of small pieces with multiple methods of assembly, and can be intimidating to the uninitiated. This is why we offer our popular free system design service. Instead of working your way up to an effective system through trial-and-error, we take the whole process off of your hands and leverage our decades of experience to design a system tailored specifically to your operation.

The first step of the design process is to gather information about your grow. We do that through a simple questionnaire. It includes questions about plant count, layout, water source, and other items that are necessary to designing an effective irrigation system. You can request a questionnaire by going HERE. Once you have it filled out and send it back to us we can assign a designer to your project.

The second step is for us to design the system. We take the information on your questionnaire and use it to design a system to address the specific needs of your grow. If you’re interested in pre-fabrication, we will work up a quote for that as well. Lastly, if you’re interested in products from any of our partners – such as an RO system or trays and benches – we will send you an introductory email to get you acquainted with them.

The third and final step is to communicate with you. We’ll send you the quote, an unlabeled drawing, and a detailed explanation of the system we have designed and how it works. We’ll tell you what size pipes you’ll need, what pressure and flow rate the system requires, and explain system maintenance. If you have any questions, we’ll answer them for you. If you need revisions done, we’ll do that as well.

This whole process is free, too! We won’t charge you a penny for asking questions or requesting revisions and we won’t charge you to work up a quote, no matter the size or complexity of your operation. Our service doesn’t end after you’ve ordered, either. We’ll happily troubleshoot any issues you may have with your system and provide advice and support long after you’ve ordered.

*We do ask for a percentage deposit if you’d like a labeled drawing and/or itemized parts list before purchase. The rest of the process – design, explanation, unlabeled drawing, and unlimited customer support – is absolutely free, though!

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