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1" x 18" Flexible PVC Coupling

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This Flexible coupling from Dura Plastics is just the ticket for landscape irrigation repair. Broken pipes at odd angles or buried pipes you cannot move to put in a solid PVC pipe. Going over roots or rocks and the list goes on!

This 18" long coupling will allow you to repair quickly any break in PVC and best of all you do not need any other fittings as the ends have built in slip couplings for the rated size.

BONUS ALERT: The ends not only serve as couplings for the rated size (1" goes over 1" PVC pipe) but they also work to go inside fittings the next size up! Yup, the 1/2" ends will fit into 3/4" fittings, the 3/4" ends go inside 1" Fittings and the 1" ends fit into 1-1/4" fittings.

Not to be used in constant pressure applications!

  • Dura Plastics made this wonderful product to make our lives easy! I can tell you from years of fixing broken underground PVC on sprinkler systems this is a time saver in just so many ways!

    • Less digging to clear away PVC ends.
    • Can go over or around roots, pipes and rocks.
    • No need to dig back several feet so pipes can flex to squeeze in solid PVC repair section.
    • Less mess with glue and dirt.
    • Glued joints are more secure as existing PVC can be pushed completely into entire socket length.
  • ManufacturerDura
    • Ends are sch 40 PVC slip type fittings
    • 18" overall length
    • You need 15" to 16" between cut ends of PVC
    • Do not exceed 150 PSI
    • Outdoor landscape use only
    • Not to be used in hot water applications
    • Designed to be used underground
    • Not to be used in constant pressure applications
    Manufacturer Model #FRC-010
    Socket Size1"
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