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The Home Grower

This page contains links to general information for anyone growing at home who may have never heard of Drip Irrigation, or growers who are familiar with it but want to step up their home grow game to the next level

Each step has pictures and links to specific products so you know EXACTLY what to get and that the parts will work together!

All of this information can be applied to much larger applications if you move in that direction.

Water Connections

Everything you need for connecting to a water source and sending water to your plants

  • The Head Assembly is your water connection!
  • Pictures of many different water connections typical to home growers
  • Products shown with direct links for each one
  • You will know the items you get will be correct

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Getting Water to Your Plants

From your Head Assembly connection out to each plant is explained along with all the components you will need

  • Typical layouts for potted plants
  • Tips and tricks to make your layout neat and out from under foot
  • All the parts you need where and what you don't need
  • Different types of fittings explained

Water At Your Plants

We show you and explain to you all the different ways to deliver water to the plant itself

  • Getting the correct amount of water at each plant
  • The different methods and how to do them
  • Everything shown in detailed pictures
  • Drippers explained so you pick the right ones for your application