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Thought we would have a little fun here and place pictures of some grows to whom we have either sold product to or sold and installed the system.

If you have pictures of a grow using our products write us and we will get your pictures up here too!

Grow Name : High Sierra Cultivation

Location : Carson City, NV

Comments From Grower / Owner :

"Joyce has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I plan on working with you guys extensively in the future. Actually will be calling tomorrow to try and put in an order for our Dosatron, as well as some help designing and ordering a misting/atomizing system for our grow rooms to dial in the VPD."

Grow Name : Nextg3n at The Proving Ground

Comments From CIS :

Next3gn has moved over to our 12 oulet manifolds and plan to incorporate them in all future installs.

Grow Name : Truly Oreganic

Location : Oregon

Comments From Grower / Owner :

"We can't be happier with the drip system we received from CIS!
It has turned a 4 hour job into 20 minutes. The drip system waters all plants exactly the same no matter what location in the system. Very low maintenance and we highly recommend CIS for other individuals projects" 

Grow Name : Delgro

Location : Southern California

Comments From Grower / Owner :

"People at CIS are very knowledgeable in drip irrigation and have helped us design systems specific for our needs" 

Contact us about putting up pictures of your grow!