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500' x 17mm PC Drip Line with .58 GPH Emitters Every 24" (DIG)

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CIS ModelDL081-500

17 mm DIG Excel PC Drip Line with .58 GPH emitters at 24" spacing.

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Excel Pressure Compensating Drip Line from DIG is extruded drip tubing with self-contained, flow regulated inline emitters molded into the inside wall of the drip tubing in preset spacing.

Used for commercial, agricultural, and residential applications. The Pressure Compensating (PC) drip line ensures a constant flow rate from each drip emitter along the line over a wide pressure range, providing high uniformity and allowing for longer runs.

Use the style of fittings listed below for 17MM Drip Line
Black end compression, Nut-Lock or 17MM barbed (brown) all work with 17MM Drip Line.

DO NOT use Spin-Lock style fittings with 17MM Drip Line!!