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This is the right area for you! We will be listing the basics and then going much deeper into the technical areas but always trying to make it easy to understand. Hey! If you have questions or do not understand something.....CALL US! 844-420-4100 Yep, we are ready to answer questions and help you design a system that "works" for you.

Do we know what we are talking about?

We have been in the Drip irrigation business for 35 years and selling online for 20 years.

Yes, that's right we are that old! So put our knowledge to work for you.

Water Connections

Everything you need to know for connecting to a water source.

  • What you need to know even before you run lines to a growing area
  • How much water do you have available for the irrigation system
  • What products do you really need
  • Filtration
  • Automation
  • Valves and valve manifolds
  • Sending nutrients through the irrigation system

Water At Your Plants

We show you and explain to you all the different ways to deliver water to the plant itself......the correct way!

  • Getting the correct amount of water at each plant
  • The many different ways to water and how to do each method correctly.
  • Drip manifolds and things most people don't know!
  • All the methods shown in pictures and explained in detail
  • Drippers explained so you pick the right ones for your application.
  • Overhead supply lines and how to keep your plants from drowning when the water is turned off!

Terms used in Irrigation

Just like everything else there are terms used that may seem like Latin but once you understand it's really simple.