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3/4" FPT x 1/2" (17 mm) Barbed Ball Valve

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Cannabis Irrigation Supply
Manufacturer #

The 3/4” female pipe thread (FPT) x 1/2” barb ball valve is used as on/off valve for a drip tubing or drip line lateral. The ball valve can be used with individual 1/2” drip tubing with .700 OD and 17 mm drip line with a .670 OD.

We make this ourselves out of three different products because no manufacturer produces this item. We got asked quite a bit for this configuration and instead of telling people to buy three different items we assemble them ourselves and sell it as one product.

  • The 3/4" FPT x 1/2 Inch (17 mm) barbed Ball Valve is used as a on/off valve for control o drip tubing, or ½ inch drip line lateral with inside diameter of .570 to .600 ID . The 3/4" X 1/2 Inch Barbed Ball Valve can also be used to adjust and balance the flow of an individual drip line. Make sure to choose the correct model of a shut off valve to fit the size of the drip tubing or drip line used.

  • ManufacturerCannabis Irrigation Supply

    • The multi-purpose barbed ball valve is used as a shut off valve
    • Easy to install
    • Smooth opening and closing with lower pressure loss
    • For secure and easy installation without glue or clamps
    • Low-torque handle
    • Fits all ½ inch drip tubing and drip line with .570 to .600 ID and .690 to 700 OD
    • Large inside diameter for maximum flow
    • Constructed of non-corrosive materials
    • Exhibits outstanding environmental stress-cracking resistance; UV protected


    Installation Recommendations

    Cannabis Irrigation Supply’s 3/4 female pipe thread X ½ inch (17 mm) Barbed Ball Valve model A123 (pack of 1) is used for control of drip tubing or drip line lateral and as a shut-off valve.

    • To install the 3/4" X 1/2 inch multi-purpose barbed ball valve, connect it to a 3/4" MPT.
    • Hold the drip tubing or drip line i and force the drip tubing over the barb side by wiggling it from side to side.
    • Make sure that the drip tubing or the drip line is pushed over the barb for a very tight fit. No glue or clamps are required.

    • Recommended operating pressure: up to 35 PSI
    • Temperature range: up to 120 degrees F
    • Connection: 3/4" female pipe thread (FPT) X ½ (17 mm) inch barbed inlet and outlet
    • Materials: high impact plastic


    Manufacturer Model #A123
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