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12-Outlet Manifold

At its core, the 12-outlet manifold is a way to centralize your irrigation and keep your grow room neat. Instead of tapping off of your main line twelve times, you can use a single tee and riser to support a manifold. Sub-lines come out of your manifold to each plant, supplying them with water in whatever way you prefer.

DIG’s 12-outlet manifold offers myriad benefits to the grower:

  • 12 outlets means you’re getting four more ports than most other manifold heads
  • Pre-inserted pressure compensating drippers eliminate the need to make every line the same length. Say goodbye to redundant coils of tubing cluttering your grow space!
  • Empty manifold heads can be used with any drip emitter or sprayer on the market
  • Option to use 1/4” or 1/8” tubing
  • At $7.25 for a full head and $5.25 for an empty head, you’re paying far less than the competition, and that’s before volume discounts!
  • Rugged, UV resistant construction

At the end of the day, the 12-outlet manifold gives you 50% more outlets than the competition for a lower price point, and with the flexibility to be used with nearly every drip irrigation product on the market.

Where Is the 12-Outlet Manifold Best?

The 12-outlet manifold shines in high-density situations with many small plants, indoor or outdoor. Grows using rockwool or coco cubes or pots up to seven gallons work great with manifolds.

Where to Avoid Using Manifolds

Manifolds should be avoided when plants are low-density, need upwards of 10 gph each, or are in very large containers. Hemp fields, outdoor fields with 20+ gallon pots, or areas where plants are very spread out would be best served by a different type of drip irrigation.

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12 outlet manifolds for cannabis grows