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12 Outlet Manifold

How does your manifold compare to ours?

12 Outlets:

That's 4 more than an 8 outlet. If you use 24 manifolds with 8 outlets you only need 16 of ours.

That's EIGHT LESS manifolds!


Our base model without drippers is $4.85
Our model with drippers is $6.77

How much did you pay?

Any Outlet
Any Length
of Tubing

Our manifold lets you run different lengths of tubing from any outlet. One plant is 3 ft away and one is 10 feet away. No Problem, cut to any size you need!

How much tubing are you wasting? $$$$

Multiple Flow Rates

Choose from  .6 gph, 1 gph, 2.2 gph, 3.3 gph or free flow. In fact, you can mix and match within each manifold!
With free flow you can place any dripper or spray stake at the plant. Freedom of choice!

How many flow rates does yours offer?

Pressure Compensating

Emitters are agricultural grade, self flushing, proven over 30 years in the field and pressure compensating between 15 to 50 PSI.

How is the performance rating of those others?

1/8" or 1/4" Microtube

Use 1/8" or 1/4" Microtube.
With free flow or emitter installed you can use either size tube, whatever works for your grow! Mix them up if you want, why you would we don't know but you can. 

How does your manifold compare?

Any Angle
Any Direction

Have your microtube go straight down or off at 90 degrees and have the tube swivel in any direction. Even better once the conversion elbow is pushed all the way in it will not move even with pressure from the microtube.

How does that other one work?

Cap off any un-needed outlets

Cap off one or all outlets. Simple soft rubber caps push on for a quick seal over an emitter or free flow outlet. Caps are supplied with each manifold.

Have we got you yet or you need more reasons?

Integrated Filter!

Each manifold comes with a built-in filter just in case. A little extra protection never hurt.

No special tools needed!

To remove any emitter a simple paper clip is used to push up from the outlet opening on the bottom of the manifold.