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1" MPT Filter, 155 Mesh Stainless Steel Screen / F313

CIS ModelF313

The Drip Store's 1" "Y" style filters are a great way to ensure that your drip system will not get clogged by small particles which you may not even see in the water. The filter is easy to install and clean. No need to take the filter out of the system just unscrew the canister section and clean the filter element under clean water.

To add a flush valve get the A020 listed below in "Related Products"

TIP: The water flow direction is molded into the top of the filter body. The direction is opposite for screen and disc filter elements!!

Filtration recommendations

  • Well or potable water: 150 to 155 mesh screen or disc filter on the main line.
  • Water with sand: disc filter on the main line positioned after a back-flow device
  • Reclaimed water: disc filter followed by screen filter with 155 mesh