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1,000' x 16mm PC Drip Line with .58 GPH Emitters Every 24" (DIG)

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DIG Corp.
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16 mm DIG Excel PC Drip Line with .58 GPH emitters at 24" spacing.

The Drip Store's Excel Pressure Compensating Drip Line from DIG is extruded drip tubing with self-contained, flow regulated inline emitters molded into the inside wall of the drip tubing in preset spacing.

Used for commercial, agricultural, and residential applications. The Pressure Compensating (PC) drip line ensures a constant flow rate from each drip emitter along the line over a wide pressure range, providing high uniformity and allowing for longer runs.

Use any of our fittings listed under the .620 size.
Green end compression, Nut-Lock or 16mm barbed all work with this line.

  • Cannabis Irrigation Supply's Excel Pressure Compensating Drip Line from DIG is extruded drip tubing with self-contained, flow regulated inline emitters molded into the inside wall of the drip tubing in preset spacing.

    The inline PC drip emitters contain a diaphragm that continuously adjusts to varying water pressure ensuring a constant flow rate under a wide pressure range, providing high uniformity and allowing longer runs on any topography. The diaphragm inside the inline drip emitter allows particles to pass through the dripper without harming it, providing reliable performance and a longer life. Continuous flushing and a wide flow path allow the drip emitter to operate at optimal flow rates under extreme conditions.

    For commercial, agricultural, and residential applications use this drip line with our 16 mm barbed fittings, our .620 OD compression fittings with green insert, and with our line of Nut Lock fittings.The drip line can be installed below or above the ground and if used above the ground can be covered with mulch to blend it with the landscape. Our PC drip line can be installed in planters, islands, and vegetable and home gardens, and may be used for trees, row crops, and in landscaped areas.

    Uniformity and lower maintenance: With high uniformity over a wide range of pressures, the pressure compensating drip line offers many advantages in site preservation and maintenance, such as even uniformity over a long lateral run with smaller sized valves due to a smaller sized delivery system, no watering of streets and sidewalk, no above ground sprinklers to break or replace, and no water runoff.

    Flexibility: The PC drip line is designed for placement in both new and existing landscape areas including green-roof areas, and may be used for below ground or above the surface. The PC drip line is ideal for installation on difficult terrain such as on slopes, in oddly shaped areas, and in windy sites.

    Durability: Our Excel Drip Line is designed to withstand the harshest field conditions, and is manufactured of high quality, highly durable plastics containing added quantities of carbon black compound, making it resistant to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

    Root Zone: One of the most important aspects of drip irrigation is the fact that, in many instances, a totally new and more favorable root zone is created and a relatively constant soil moisture level can be maintained.

  • ManufacturerDIG Corp.
    Flow Rate.58 GPH
    Coil Length1,000 ft
    Dripper Spacing24 Inch
    • Available in 100', 500', and 1000’ coils with .58 GPH
    • Available in 12, 18, and 24 inch spacing
    • Manufactured from the finest quality material and using a process that results in uniform water emission from each emitter, year after year
    • Self- flushing inline emitters deliver equal flow at a wide range of operating pressures
    • Flow uniformity regardless of operating pressure and variation along the line
    • Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in landscaping
    • Marked with flow rate, size, and date for easy identification
    • Exhibits outstanding environmental stress-cracking resistance and burst strength
    • Turbulent flow through a large labyrinth water passage helps reduce clogging
    • Two (2) flow rates to provide maximum flexibility in a variety of applications
    • Two (2) outlets per dripper ensures a reduced chance of clogging
    • Used for above or below grade installation
    Country of ManufactureUnited States

    PC Drip Line Installation Recommendations

    • The drip line can be installed below the ground and can be covered with mulch to blend it with the landscape. To connect the drip line to the drip tubing, a wide range of barbed fittings can be used
    • Many installations could benefit from the addition of a drip irrigation system and basic knowledge about drip irrigation systems can give a well-informed installer an advantage in a very competitive market. Contractors or installers with expertise in micro irrigation can select the appropriate installation method and products for a given application such as overlap irrigation, strip planting, trees, row-planting, sloped areas, windy areas, or oddly shaped areas. Each of the following options provides the contractor with the tools and the flexibility to offer installation packages that include installation options which can set him apart from his competitors

    PC Drip line installation details above grade

    • Step 1: Install a drip zone that includes remote control valve or battery operated controller with a filter, pressure regulator, and drip adapter below grade and inside irrigation box.
    • Step 2: Lay out the PVC pipe or poly tubing supply line perpendicular to the drip line.
    • Step 3: Place the drip line at the layout or spacing recommended and hold the drip line to the ground every 4 to 8 feet utilizing the plastic or metal stakes.
    • Step 4: Connect the PC drip line to the PVC pipe or poly tubing supply line using 16 mm barbed fittings.
    • Step 5: Cap off all openings to prevent dirt entering the drip line by using model A006 hose end.
    • Step 6: Install a flush valve or ball valve inside a 6 inch irrigation box at the end of the main supply line.
    • Step 7: Flush the line: Prior to testing the system, open the end of the main line and drip laterals. Turn the water on and flush the system of all debris, dirt, and foreign matter and then, close again the laterals end line.
    • Step 8: Pressure test the system to identify leaks in the drip line, fittings, and the drip zone.
    • Step 9: Program the controller and turn the system on via the controller.
    • Step 10: Plant all small sized shrubs and flowers .
    • Size: 16 mm with .550 ID x .640 OD
    • Length: 1,000’
    • Flow rate: .58 GPH (gallons per hour per outlet)
    • Spacing: 24 inch
    • Maximum operating pressure: 12 to 50 PSI
    • Color code: black
    • Suggested minimum filtration: 150 mesh
    • Bending radius: 1 foot
    • Suggested fittings: 16 mm barbed (black) or .620 OD compression fittings (green ends)
    • Manufacturer ‘s warranty: five year limited warranty
    • Material: UV protected premium polyethylene resin and silicon diaphragm
    Manufacturer Model #A5-24
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