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Solar Powered

Solar Powered controllers for places without power. Can be powered by grow lights. Comes with adaptors for use with existing valves or purchase combined with one of our DC solenoid valves.

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  • CSolar1

    Solar Powered Smart Controllers by DIG Corp.

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    The DIG LEIT 1 ambient light (solar) powered irrigation controller with a rain sensor connection is designed for residential and commercial, in above ground applications where AC power is unavailable and as a quick solution to automating a single valve. Works with grow-lights also!

    The completely waterproof LEIT 1 is available with a curly wire, DC latching solenoid and three adapters to fit Rain Bird, Toro, or Hunter valves

    It also comes with a 3/4", 1", 1-1/2" or 2" Valve.

    Make your choice below and the price will update according to the model chosen.

  • EVO100

    EVO100 Solar Digital Hose End Timer with Rain Sensor Connection

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    Completely waterproof, the EVO100 is a solar powered digital hose end timer with built-in solenoid and high flow diaphragm valve for reliable operation in residential gardening. Made by DIG Corp.

    Simply hook this timer and valve to a hose faucet or garden hose and you have an automated irrigation system powered by the sun.

2 Item(s)