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Kits for home growers.

We have tried to make these kits complete so all you need is sunlight,seed, soil and water.

Take a look and if you do not see what you need check back as we will be adding more of these on a regular basis.

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  • K014

    Gravity Feed System Drip Irrigation Kit for up to 50 Plants

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    Gravity Feed System Drip Irrigation Kit for up to 50 Plants

    We get asked quite a bit about gravity feed drip systems so we came up with a kit to get you started. This can be used as a complete system for up to 50 plants. Once you use this it will be easy for you to custom design another for different needs. As we have always said after the first installation of any drip system users see just how simple they are to install and design yourself.

    See below for kit contents and complete installation instructions.

  • K015

    Gravity Feed System Drip Irrigation Kit for up to 20 Plants

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    Our custom designed Drip Irrigation Kit for a Gravity Feed System model K015 is a complete kit that can water up to 20 plants. This kit uses 1/4" dripperline which encircles the root ball of each plant. The circle of dripperline can start small and then you expand the circle as the plant grows, always keeping the dripperline along the proper part of the root ball.

    Complete list of products and installation instructions below

  • KC007

    Small Starter Kit for Home Grower

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    This starter kit gets you into Drip Irrigation without a gold card!
    A simple yet complete kit that will get you understanding how easy drip irrigation works.We have included items so you may connect directly to a garden hose or hose faucet.
    The kit has everything to water 12 small pots of starter plants or 6 full size plants. You can start out doing 6 seedlings and expand as they grow bigger. Not only that you may expand this system more than double by just adding more drippers and 1/4" tubing connectors.
    Check below for all the kit components and complete instructions.

  • GC200

    Living Wall 8 Pot Modular Vertical Garden

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    Living Wall 8 Pot Modular Vertical Garden

    DIG’s new living wall™ modular vertical garden planting kit features a new concept in gardening allowing the quick positioning, mounting, and expansion of planted pots vertically.

    Read my review of this further down the page!

    Includes a professional drip irrigation system that delivers controlled amounts of water into each individual pot through the use of pressure compensating drippers with check valves.

  • GC100

    Raised Garden Bed

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    Have your own raised bed garden with no hassle at all! These raised garden beds come in a lightweight box with all of the components required for easy assembly. All of the beds come with a plastic inner liner to retain soil, mulch, and to contain the moisture within the bed. Great for indoor soil grow!

    46" (L) x 35" (W) x 12" (H)

    Holds 11 cu. f.t of soil (313 liters)

    Comes with 4 panels and all wingnuts needed for assembly / no tools needed

5 Item(s)