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2" Filters

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If the link below a filter is "View Details" then clicking that allows you to build the exact filter you want.


The water flow direction is opposite when using the screen or the disc's. The flow direction is molded into each filter body so look closely before installing.

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  • F508

    2" MPT Plastic "Y" Filters with Disc Media

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    2" MPT Plastic "Y" Filters with Disc filter media from DIG offers specialized three-dimensional filtration structures able to stop organic materials, sand, and sediment from entering and clogging the irrigation system.

    Choose the mesh Size you want below.

  • F509

    2" MPT Plastic "Y" Filters with Stainless Steel Screens

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    2" NPT Stainless Steels Screen Filter With Flush cap from DIG Corp.

    A dependable and much needed item for any Drip System! Dirt in your water, even unseen can wreck havoc to a drip system. We recommend a minimum of 155 mesh screen size. This filter even comes with a flush cap. On a regular basis we suggest to open the flush cap and let any debris or sediment out to keep your filter running the maximum flow possible.

    Choose the mesh Size you want below.

2 Item(s)