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Outlet Powered (AC)

These controllers need to be plugged into normal household power like a wall outlet in your home. If you have power where you want this controller and have wires running to the valves then this is what you want.

If you are getting valves for these type of controllers get the AC Solenoid type.

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  • CAC-Controllers

    AC Indoor Controllers / 6 & 8 Station

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    Designed for residential applications with sprinkler or drip systems, the Six & Eight Station Indoor AC Controller features a large dial and five buttons to program. There are three programs for each irrigation valve and one for lighting.

    The GO-AC Indoor AC Controller is the ultimate user-friendly controller for residential and light commercial applications. Easy to install into the home's electrical system and easy to program, the GO-AC controller provides a wide range of programs for sprinklers, drip systems, lighting, and other features to meet today's landscaping needs.

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1 Item(s)